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Warrior Amazon vs Lana Luxor

When the beautiful and delightful Lana announced she was crossing the Atlantic for a tour, we couldn’t wait test her immense skills against some of our continent’s best.

And Warrior is certainly one of the best! The big and powerful German was relishing taking on the American and we couldn’t wait to get them on the MWC mats.

As expected, it was an enthralling contest as Lana pitted her speed, flexibility, skills and resilience up against Warriors powerful abilities!

Warrior went on the attack first and got on top of Lana but the American is a stubborn and tough character and was never going to be the sort of girl who just rolls over easily and taps out at the first sign of trouble!

They fought all over the mats and the determination was oozing out of both wrestlers but eventually Warrior got her hard-fought breakthrough with a headlock to end Lana's impressive resistance.

This didn’t change anything, however, and Lana remained as focused and determined as she was when the match started. But at the same time, Warrior wanted to make a statement and she too wanted to build on her advantage.

And build on it she did with a rather nasty looking arm lock and a figure four head lock that no-one would have been able to take! Other successes came through cross-body pins, smothers and even more crushing head locks.

Lana battled hard and fought strongly to repel the Warrior attack and make her earn anything she got - the sweat pouring off the blonde German is testament to that.

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