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Lana Luxor Destroys Little Dave

Despite performances and results to the contrary, Chicken Boy Dave clearly must like to think he’s a big fish in the UK session wrestling pond.

That can be the only explanation for his dismissive and disrespectful “Who are you?” taunts at the awesome American babe Lana, who is facing him on the MWC mats.

Understandably, she’s not impressed and decides the best way to introduce herself to the little warrior is by demonstrating her power and talent, which has made her a big hit across the Atlantic and beyond!

“Oh, you’re so frail!” Within a minute, the taunts are coming from Lana as she easily takes Dave down to the mats and starts to have her way with his squirming self.

Chicken Boy is soon tapping as Lana traps him between her glorious thighs and starts squeezing his head to the point of it popping!??

The torture continues as Lana starts to work on his puny arms which have Dave squealing like a pig and submitting in an eye-watering amount of agony.

Things quickly get worse for Dave as he can offer little in the way of an attack to stem the tide that’s coming from the US babe. For her part, Lana ups the ante with the trash talking as well as the impressive moves.

Dave suffers as a result of body scissors, head scissors, head locks, more arm locks and bars, breast smothers, grapevine pins and a seemingly never-ending stream of pins.

Her taunting must hurt all the more following Chicken Boy’s insult at the start of the match and Lana certainly enjoys making him her “bitch” and telling him so!

This is domination wrestling at its best and if Chicken Boy didn’t know who she was at the start, he certainly does now. Even as he lay there at the end!??

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