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Ina Black vs Dolly Squash Match

Dolly was given one hell of a baptism of fire when she made her debut at one of Monica’s famous live summer events.

But nothing, and we mean absolutely nothing, could have prepared her for the challenge that awaited when she faced off against the legendary Ina Black on the MWC mats!

Many a great, skilled and strong lady has faced the imposing Ina and many have ended up being squashed as they feel the power and super ability of the badass Bulgarian!

Ina herself knows exactly what Dolly is in for, though, and she mocks her much smaller opponent for daring to turn up for the match!

Within seconds, Ina has hoisted poor Dolly up on her shoulders and is parading her around the matted area in a mini-lift and carry session before slamming her down hard on to the mats.

That’s the least of Dolly’s worries though as Ina turns on her super wrestler mode and starts going through her repertoire of skills that dismantle Dolly!

There are headlocks and leg scissors that, initially Dolly does well to resist, but the sheer pain means she has no choice but to submit.

Ina taunts her younger rival as she applies arm bars, head scissors, smothers, pins and a whole host of moves designed to put Dolly in her place - which is tapping out at the will of Ina!

As she has done on many occasions against talented wrestlers, Ina toys with Dolly and taunts her to make sure she realises she is inferior to her.

While Dolly deserves credit for taking on the challenge, Ina is in a remorseless mood and squashes her, before leaving her sprawled out defeated on the mats!

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