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Dolly Dominates Little Dave

Chicken Boy Dave has taken on and got demolished by some of the most experienced, powerful and talented veterans in our scene.

So we can just imagine he was excited about getting his hands on relative newcomer Dolly as they faced off on the MWC mats.

But any thoughts he might have had about finally being able to dominate one of the beauties he’s found himself up against were soon knocked out of his little head by the quick, skilled and strong brunette who clearly wanted to put him in his place.

Dolly charged at him, expertly took him down to the mats and got him in a headlock to earn the first submission of the contest - much to her delight, judging by the cheeky laugh she gave!

She was relentless and Chicken Boy was given no time to settle or even catch his breath as this gorgeous and fit girl attacked him like her life depended on it!

Dolly has so many tricks and moves in her locker that Dave found himself crying out in pain and tapping out in an impressive variety of different ways.

She trapped him in head scissors, school girl pins, arm bars, choke holds, more head locks, smothers and body scissors.

We lost count of how many times he had tapped out within three minutes of this one! He moaned and groaned constantly and also got frustrated and annoyed as Dolly kept on laughing at his destroyed and devastated little body after she had made him desperately tap out!

What was even more impressive was her fitness - she literally did not stop and the many submissions gave Chicken Boy very little in the way of breathing space!

Poor Chicken Boy is a beaten mess at the end while Dolly enjoys her victory pose - this is the very definition of domination!

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