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Warrior Amazon vs Dolly

Gorgeous Dolly is a fit and strong lady with an impressive physique to match and she is a welcome sight on the MWC wrestling mats.

But even she must know she has her work cut out when she finds herself facing the beautiful, powerful amazon in the outstanding shape of Warrior.

Dolly has no fear and will take on all comers but she soon finds out exactly how and why Warrior has the impressive and formidable reputation that she has earned by kicking butts all over!

Warrior wastes little time in asserting her authority over Dolly and locks on a crushing headlock. Despite Dolly’s determination, she has no choice but to tap out.

An arm bar helps double Warrior’s lead and you start to worry for Dolly about whether she will last the duration.

But she’s made of strong stuff too and she keeps coming straight at Warrior, looking for an opening to get herself back in the match. If Warrior thought she was having it all her own way, she is reminded that it doesn’t work like that when Dolly got her in a vicious headlock that had the German scrambling to try to get out of.

But, despite her spirited efforts, she found herself being overwhelmed by the bigger girl and Warrior certainly went through her repertoire that put Dolly through her paces. These included head locks, arm bars, smothers and scissors.

To her immense credit, Dolly kept a little smile on her face and kept on coming back for more, looking for breakthroughs to give Warrior a taste of her own medicine! She even ended the match on the ascendency and is certainly one to watch in the future.

But ultimately, Warrior wouldn’t be denied and she notched up another impressive win to add to many, many others she already has!

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