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Diana dominates Little Dave

Anyone that has seen European beauty Diana take on and beat other strong girls in the scene know that men will pose virtually no threat to her.

But that didn’t stop the ever willing Chicken Boy Dave from stepping on to the MWC mats and take on this hot brunette in a wrestling match.

Well, we say “match” but this was anything but as Diana instead put on an incredible and sexy display of domination wrestling to show off her immense talent.

Right from the start, you could tell she meant business and she had a look of intent all over her face as she got to work taking her smaller and weaker opponent apart.

The first submission was not long in coming, via a vicious arm bar that had Dave shrieking out in agony before desperately tapping out.

Dave rather boldly told her she was lucky which provoked a little smile on Diana’s face. But it also stoked the fire inside her a little more as she wasted little time in getting back on the offensive and putting him through more pain.

She put her long and strong legs to good use by squeezing the life out of him, she destroyed him tests of strengths and threw him around the mats as if he wasn’t even there.

Chicken Boy cried out in pain so much that we are surprised he didn’t lose his voice completely after this one.

Diana was relentless - both with the skilled wrestling moves and the trash talk and taunting which only served to make Dave’s life even more miserable!

She finished as she had started with a nasty arm bar and a broken and beaten Chicken Boy tapped out for the final time. Diana enjoyed her victory pose over his prone body!

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