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Bing Ling's debut vs Ina Black

Bright and beautiful new MWC star Bing Ling is already making a splash in the wrestling world - not least at Monica’s last mixed party where she wowed the crowd!

However, we like to present challenges to all our wrestlers and none come any bigger than facing the legend that is Ina Black on the MWC mats!

Ina cannot believe that a girl the size of Bing has even agreed to face off against her and this is evident from the early trash talking that the bigger Bulgarian hurls at the wet-behind-the-ears newbie!

Bing giggles and calls her far more experienced foe a bitch and that simply lights the blue touch paper in Ina who decides it’s time to show the rookie exactly what she is made of.

After easily throwing her to the ground, Ina lift Bing up and starts to parade her around the venue on her shoulders in an impromptu life and carry display, which Bing is helpless to stop!

“Ok, don’t cry too much!” is the warning from Ina and we know she means business as she sets about going through her full arsenal of weapons on Bing.

But Bing is a resilient girl and despite being squashed by Ina and even caught in her crushing body scissors, she laughs and refuses to submit.

This merely annoys the Bulgarian though and ups her own game to bring about the pain. Bing is caught in head scissors, grapevine pins, figure four head locks, arm bars and even more lift and carry moments.

Bing cries out in pain, submits and has nothing in her own attacks to repel the rampant Ina, who treats her as nothing more than a rag doll.

It’s a brutal destruction by Ina and one that Bing Ling herself won’t forget in a hurry!

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