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Jade humiliates little Jonathan

Our very own English rose Jade has always been a special talent and she is certainly not the sort of girl who’d let being pregnant get in the way of beating up a pitiful male.

Jonathan is the pitiful male in question here and Jade wastes little time in getting to grips with him when they face off on the MWC mats. In fact, she even still has her shoes on - that’s how eager she was to dominate him.

And boy, does she dominate him. Taking him down with ease and making him scream within seconds of trapping him in a grapevine pin is just a taster of what she has in store for the willing but ultimately outclassed little man!

All the talent and skill that Jade has used to wow everyone over the years is on full display, as is her obvious beauty and of course her unforgiving trash talk that makes Jonathan feel even smaller than he already is!

He is helpless and at her mercy right from the start and has absolutely no answer when she goes through her repertoire.

Jade makes him squeal and submit through a variety of varying moves including arm bars that almost break his limb, head scissors that turn his face a “lovely shade of purple”, figure four locks that almost take his head off and body scissors that crush the very life out of him.

“You haven’t got much fight in you, have you?” Jade continues to taunt and abuse her victim and she’s right - Jonathan is too broken and beaten to even think about fighting back.

This is classic Jade at her destructive and ruthless best and she sure as hell makes Jonathan know that she is the superior one!

This is a classic destruction and domination performance from one of our all-time greats!

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