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Carmen v Monica Competitive

We were delighted to welcome Carmen, who is a big strong wrestler from the north of

England, to Monica’s Wrestling Centre during her tour of London.

But despite our very warm welcome, we were never going to make it easy for her and she faced one of the toughest challenges possible when she was pitted against the boss woman herself - Monica!

Both of these gorgeous amazons looked awesome and ready for battle in their bikinis and they wasted no time at all getting down to the nitty gritty of fighting on the mats.

And Monica wasted no time in showing her guest the full extent of her power as she wrestled her down and forced an early submission through a dominant breast smother.

Things didn’t get any better for Carmen when she found herself trapped between Monica’s crushingly powerful arms, a head lock giving way to another submission.

The action continued at a quick pace as did Monica’s magnificent domination of her rival.

Carmen was being schooled and soon found herself having to tap out again due to a vicious looking head scissor that had her screaming in pain.

Monica wasn’t having it all her own way, as you’d expect when you have a wrestler of the ability and calibre of Carmen. But whenever she found herself in a tight spot, she countered magnificently and turned the tables on the blonde!

Carmen’s perseverance and impressive refusal to simply fold finally paid off when she made her more experienced rival tap out from a head crushing scissor that had Monica groaning in pain!

She did the same with a body scissor and breast smother combination and Monica got the message that Carmen can seriously do some damage!

But ultimately, despite Carmen’s valiant efforts, it was Monica who dished out a welcome that only she knows how to deliver!

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