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July Mixed Wrestling Party Report

Summer is usually the best party season of them all and guys and girls in the session wrestling world are not immune to the lure of a good bash.

So what better way to bask in the hot London weather than rocking Monica’s Wrestling Centre on a Wednesday night for one of her essential and legendary party nights!

The temperatures outside were already boiling but some of the most hottest and talented girls you will find in the scene sent the degrees soaring even further when they came together for the benefit of so many lucky men for all the fun of an MWC bash!

Like any good party, there is plenty of pumping music, good food and much in the way of beverages being downed. But, let’s face it, you can get that at any decent party.

Monica’s parties are way beyond special and you only have to look at the excited faces of the punters when they are treated to the delights of the bevy of beauties to see how magical and incredible these events are.

And what a line-up indeed! Every time you think Monica has excelled herself she gets together a star-studded list of talented wrestlers from the UK, Europe and even a little further afield.

In what has become a fun and welcome tradition, the Referee - an essential component of our parties - called them out one by one to the adulation and cheers of the crowd.

Part one of our incredible clips show them coming out and looking as splendid as ever: Xena, Nina Hiss, Alexia, Ivy, Vox, Kat Max, Lexi Max, Siren Max and Emma Switch.

Referee put them through their paces in the warm-up before sending them out to find some male faces to plonk their sexy butts on and get the real fun started!

Of course, the main girl herself, Monica and the legendary Ina Black were already there. While that line up was immense, more girls were to join in the fun later - not least the forever popular Inferno, voluptuous Leona, awesome Axel, luscious London and the exciting and gorgeous newcomer Bing Ling!

Back to the action, an MWC party just wouldn’t be the same without Jonathan’s challenge which sees our hero take on all the girls in wrestling but with a twist. They had to do a “burpee” before making him submit through an arm lock. The one who gets the most wins a host of treats!

Elsewhere the action was hotting up in every nook and cranny that a girl and a guy could find to get down to some serious wrestling.

Guys were being breast smothered, squeezed into submission and put through incredible pain all over the venue while there was even some welcome girl v girl action between the hot newcomers Alexia and Bing Ling!

The challenges and games got hotter and hotter too. There was the 10 minute challenge with a £200 prize for the girl who got the most submissions, the greatest version of musical chairs ever which sees the ladies battle to plonk their sexy ass on a lucky chaps face, a ‘cone battle’ that needs to be seen to be believed and, of course, the one and only scissor circle.

The challenges and battles rage on throughout the night with even some hot bondage style coming out too!

The vibe remained positive and wonderful from start to finish and if you were one of the unlucky ones not to be able to make it, then we feel sorry for you!

But, it’s not all bad news - we captured the exciting, action packed and thrilling evening across these fabulous clips. You won’t want to miss an event after you watch all of these!

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