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Carmen Destroys and Demolishes wanabee Andrew

Andrew is a game and forever-willing male wrestler but even we were scratching our heads and wondering whether he knew what he had let himself in for when he agreed to take on the gorgeous and strong Carmen.

They faced off on the MWC mats and it took the blonde bombshell a handful of seconds to grab hold of him and start showing him how mean northern English girls can be!

Within the first minute of this match, Carmen had overpowered him, trapped him in a school girl pin and started slapping him around, calling him out for being a wimp.

The effortless torture continued as she switched to a face sit while Andrew squirmed and screamed in pain and frustration as this powerful fighter took him apart.

Carmen hit him with move after move which only added to the increasing torture he was being made to suffer. She on the other hand just kept on laughing and taunting him.

Andrew was hit with cross body pins, body scissors, head locks, breast smothers and even choked out with his own arm!

Carmen was a relentless as she was remorseless, showing Andrew no mercy or even the slightest hint of pity - business is business when Carmen is taking a man apart!

It was a lesson in domination wrestling as the inventive moves kept coming out of Carmen’s locker and on to Andrew’s increasingly beleaguered body. He was hit with combinations too as Carmen mixed things up throughout the whole match.

“It’s nice and easy for me”, Carmen kept up the trash talk and taunting while barely breaking a sweat as she went about her work of destroying Andrew in a calm and serene.

Finally mercy arrived for Andrew right at the end, but by then he had been well and truly devastated by Carmen!

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