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MWC Live Event July 2019 Report

London temperatures were sent soaring higher than global warming will ever manage through Monica’s Wrestling Centre summer sizzler of an event!

Nine gorgeous, unique and supremely talented ladies brought the heat to Monica’s Ring of Pain and showed everyone exactly why they are so highly rated and adored in the scene.

They produced instant MWC live event classics in the nine matches that they battled it out in - all of which were full of drama, intensity and phenomenal, edge-of-the-seat excitement for the delighted live audience.

And there was a real global feel to this - the second MWC live event of the year - as the ladies travelled from around the globe just to take part.

We had American sweetheart Lana crossing the Atlantic for her first MWC live event and she was keen to show us what she is made of!

Lana was joined by the awesome European contingent of the formidable Warrior and Diana alongside event debutants Nina and Dolly.

Of course, the Brit pack is always well represented with Scottish lass Ashley Rider joining scene legends Shelby Beach and Axa Jay as well as the increasingly popular Axel!

There is always immense pressure on the ladies to top previous successful and memorable shows and thankfully, these ladies were more than up to the task and surpassed the hype and anticipation that preceded the show.

It was clear from the reaction of everyone present that they were gutted when it ended but this show will be talked about for years to come!

If you weren’t able to make the show yourself then you missed out on an absolute cracker. But thankfully, all the fabulous action was caught on camera and you can see them - or relive them if you were there

Match 1 Warrior Amazon vs Diana

What better way to kick off the MWC Summer spectacular with an outstanding contest between these two strong and skilled beauties?

German powerhouse Warrior and the immense rugby union player Diana was a mouth-watering prospect on paper and they delivered even more so when they tangled in Monica’s Ring of Pain!

They wasted little time in getting to grips with one another when the bell went and got straight into an incredible battle on their feet as both looked to get an early advantage over the other.

The fight soon went to the mats as they demonstrated breath-taking skills in both defence and attack - leaving the lucky live crowd enthralled as they waited to see who would crack first to produce the first submission of the event.

But Warrior and Diana are as tough as they come and neither would budge.

They fought hard, sweated lots and were left breathing heavily as both went on the attack and both had spells showing off just exactly why they are tough nuts to crack when they are on the defensive.

And it wasn’t until deep into the second round of this superb match-up that Diana finally and reluctantly tapped out to the other following a rather painful looking arm bar!

But she wasn't deterred in the slightest however and went straight back after her German rival - and her determination quickly paid off when she earned an equalising submission with vice like head lock which gave Warrior no option but to tap out to!

This set up the final round rather nicely and neither Warrior nor Diana let us down, coming out all guns blazing looking to get an impressive victory!??

They gave it all they had but did Warrior or Diana secure the point needed for victory?

Match 2 Ashley Rider v Axel

The second match of MWC’s summer live extravaganza was a real Battle of Britain between two girls small in height but huge in fighting spirit!

Sexy Scottish star Ashley took on the rising London lovely Axel in an absolutely thrilling contest that delighted and excited the already spoiled live audience!

Monica knew this would be an unbelievable fight and the girls delivered big time using their strength and outstanding abilities to test each other to the limit and put on a real show for the crowd.

They soon locked up and were battling all over the ring with the early moments belonging to the gloriously confident Ashley who backed up her bravado by putting Axel in some painful looking holds.

Axel is one hell of a spitfire thought and she isn’t the sort to just roll over and let her opponents dominate her - and she fought hard to get out of the predicament she found herself in!

But Ashley’s legs were made for squeezing and she finally earned the first submission with a head scissor just moments before the end of the first round.

Round two saw some more intense and immense wrestling as both girls looked to get the upper hand on the other, including Axel getting to show Ashley just how strong her legs can be too when wrapped around a torso!

Both were clearly loving the fight and wanting the win and this showed with their quick fire exchanges and the respectful looks to each other as the match wore on!

As the fight went into the final round, the chat intensified as much as the wrestling and it was edge of the seat stuff right to the final bell.

This brought about another submission but did Axel turn it around or did Ashley seal a great victory?

Match 3 Dolly vs Lana Luxor

This was a glorious step into the unknown as two visiting wrestlers to Monica’s Wrestling Centre pitted their wits against one another in front of the summer event crowd.

Hungarian Dolly taking on American Lana meant is was a Europe v USA contest - much like golf’s Ryder Cup only with more exciting action and hotter participants providing the sporting fun!

We really didn’t know what to expect but the first few seconds which saw them immediately going at one another with unbelievable intensity and determination told us we were in for an absolute cracker!

They were rolling around the ring trying to get the upper hand but the first blow was struck by Lana who executed a perfect body scissor and headlock combination to force Dolly into tapping out.

This didn’t slow things down though and, if anything, the action and cracking display of wrestling continued at some pace!

As the fight went on, however, it looked as if the less experienced Dolly was being overwhelmed by a rampant Lana who clearly wanted to impress on her trip across the Atlantic. She earned herself more submissions through an ankle lock and another head scissor.

But full credit to Dolly though. If Lana’s dominance was getting to her, she hid it incredibly well and kept on coming out fighting each time - giving her American opponent plenty to think about during the match. She has tenacity and skills to go alongside her stunning physique and gorgeous looks!

Ultimately though, Lana was too hot to handle and she displayed plenty of the talent and ability that made all of us excited about her decision to make the trip over to England and show all of this off!

Match 4 Shelby Beach v Diana

This year’s MWC Summer sizzler was already throwing up some incredibly intriguing and exciting match-ups and the fourth bout of the event was no different!

The legendary English wrestling veteran Shelby Beach has seen it all and done it all but how would she fare against a young, hungry European in the form of Diana who matched her for size and strength?

Well, the answer was emphatically delivered over three incredible rounds of wrestling that will live long in the memory of all those who witnessed it.

If Shelby thought she would intimidate her young rival, she was soon put right as Diana displayed her power by lifting and throwing her to the mats!

The Manchester mauler is full of chat and all the tricks of the trade though and Diana was soon aware that she needed to be cuter and smarter to get one over her more experienced foe!

Sadly for Shelby though, Diana was focused on the job at hand and it was Diana who struck first with a vicious head lock that even Shelby had to admit hurt.

But Shelby hasn’t enjoyed the successful career she has by rolling over to any young rival who comes along! She soon levelled the scores with an old school head scissor to show everyone exactly what she’s about.

The chit-chat and the shenanigans continued throughout but make no mistake - there was some seriously breath-taking wrestling being produced by both ladies that entertained all those who were present!

Both ladies were pushing each other to the limit and the submissions soon came along to reward them for their power and talent that was being demonstrated abundantly.

This was a contest fought in an incredible spirit, leaving smiles on faces, but with the serious business of wrestling at the forefront of the combatants minds!

Match 5 Nina Hiss vs Ashley Rider

Spanish senorita Nina was making a very welcome debut at an MWC live event when she stepped in the ring for the fifth match of the Summer shindig.

But we didn’t go easy on her when we pitched her up against the equally sexy lass Ashley - the Scottish strong girls second fight of the event!

If Nina was nervous, she certainly wasn’t showing it as she enthusiastically made her way to the ring to face off against her rival.

And if Ashley thought this was going to be a walk in the park, she was soon put right as Nina battled hard and resisted her attacks once the bell rang for round one.

Both beauties battled hard for ring supremacy and neither was willing to give an inch as they looked to get the all-important first submission of the enthralling contest.

Such was the intensity of the battle, one of the ladies even had an early wardrobe malfunction that caused an unexpected break in the top-class action!

They fought hard and it was the debutant that finally made the breakthrough as she forced Ashley to tap out with a headlock and body scissor combination!

Round two brought no less intensity as these two powerful babes went at it again. We were even treated to an impromptu lift and carry moment which drew plenty of audible gasps from the excited crowd!

Back on the mats, the fighting got more and more energetic as these two outstanding wrestlers proved to be a great match for each other.

There were more submissions through head locks, camel clutches and body scissors as these two battled out an incredibly sweaty and hard fought match wrestled in a great spirit.

But who came out on top?

Match 6 Axa Jay vs Dolly

Dolly had already been given an MWC live event baptism of fire when she faced American Lana in her first match in the squared circle.

And things certainly didn’t get any easier for her as she faced off against the ever-popular star in the shape of Axa Jay - who was competing for the first time in this Summer spectacular!

But Dolly is clearly way more than just a pretty face and she did not hesitate to get to grips with her English rival for this contest.

Both ladies got straight at it at the first whistle and immediately started battling hard across the ring. It was Axa who started out on the attack but she found that her Hungarian opponent was not the kind of girl to submit so easily and Dolly put up a cracking defence.

The first submission did eventually arrive and it went in Axa’s favour as she finally made Dolly succumb to a rather painful looking head lock.

Gutsy Dolly was unperturbed though and went straight on the search for an equalising submission, forcing Axa to have to dig deep even further in order to counter this attack.

The two continued to struggle hard as the bout wore on and the effort and sheer determination was etched all over their faces.

More submissions did arrive in the form of head locks and both Axa and Dolly were clearly feeling the force of each other as the match increased in tension with both seeking the initiative to earn impressive wins.

They were as stubborn in defence as they were keen to be on the attack and that helped make it a cracking contest between two gorgeous grapplers.

Naturally, there were more submissions but did experience tell for Axa or did Dolly upset the odds?

Match 7 Warrior Amazon vs Shelby Beach

Two gorgeous blondes. Two powerful and skilled wrestlers. Two fan favourites. Putting Warrior and Shelby against one another was always going to be a winner.

And that’s exactly what both of these two delivered when they faced off against one another in Monica’s Ring of Pain at the MWC July 2019 event!

Warrior looked to have more muscle but Shelby has seen them all and beaten them all and her pride wouldn't let her ever enter a contest without putting up a real fight.

But within seconds, she was forced to swallow that pride as Warrior expertly trapped her older foe in an arm bar which gave Shelby no choice but to tap out to!??

Game on - and Shelby was hardly ever going to let one setback stop her from pursuing her own points and showing just exactly why she is so well respected up and down the wrestling world!

The contest was fast and furious and packed with an immense amount of skill coming from both of these gifted grapplers. Everyone in attendance struggled to catch their breath as we were treated to an incredible exhibition of wrestling.

Naturally, submissions started to come in favour of both ladies with moves such as chokeholds, body scissors and even a single leg sharp shooter

The match was being wrestled in a wonderful spirit but there was fire in both of their eyes as they worked their socks off to get the upper hand over the other.

Both Warrior and Shelby’s natural talent and determination made for an incredible back and forth contest that will live long in our memories!

They fought hard right to the final whistle and one lady did snatch a winner to seal the bragging rights over the other. But which one was it?

Match 8 - Axel vs Nina Hiss

Both of these two gorgeous ladies had battled hard against Scotland’s Ashley Rider earlier in the event, so it made sense to pitch Axel and Nina against one another in the penultimate contest of the MWC summer event.

And we were rewarded for this foresight with an enthralling contest that helped both of these beauties showcase their incredible skills for the lucky audience!

Spanish senorita Nina had a bit of a size advantage over Axel but the Londoner is made of strong stuff and isn’t the sort of person to back down from any challenge, no matter how big it is!

And her wrestling spirit and ability paid off early doors when she trapped Nina in a guillotine and forced a tap out and help her seal an opening submission in this contest.

This was merely like red rag to a bull for Nina though and she fought back strongly to level the scores with a vicious and painful looking headlock that made Axel reluctantly submit.

And so the match was gloriously, evenly poised and the temperature in Monica’s Ring of Pain turned up even higher as both girls went seeking the advantage in this hotly contest battle.

They fought all over the ring and got each other in painful looking holds that would have made weaker fighters quit in desperation.

Both Axel and Nina found themselves on top during the fight and both also discovered how stubborn they can be. They took some punishment, that’s for sure.

Submissions came via ankle locks, body scissors and headlocks and the initiative swung from one way to the other before the decisive final round produced a worthy winner.

An incredible fight between two fast improving stars taking part in their first ever MWC live event - this is not one to be missed!

Match 9 Axa Jay vs Lana Luxor

It is customary to finish all MWC live events with a bang and a flourish and we couldn’t have asked for more when English rose Axa Jay was matched up against American sweetheart Lana!

Britain and the United States may enjoy a special relationship as countries but all that flew out the window as these two went at it, looking for an incredibly glorious victory.

Make no mistake, these two have got the skills to pay the bills with the power to match and the anticipation before they locked up was more than justified as soon as they got to grips with one another.

It was intense and left the salivating spectators on the edge of their suits almost as soon as the match started as both Axa and Lana attacked and looked to get the edge over each other.

Everyone was so engrossed in this tense and tight battle that, when Axa struck first to make Lana tap out to a triangle, the Referee even mistakenly awarded the point to the trans-Atlantic visitor!

Their bodies glistened in sweat and they were both breathing heavily as they fought with every inch of their bodies, looking for the all-important breakthroughs that would help them seize the initiative over the other.

Axa and Lana fought across the ring with each desperately trying to gain an advantage and you could cut the tension in the air with a knife as the lucky crowd watched every move the fighters made.

Things got even more intense when Lana managed to level up the scores with a smart leg lock just before the final round - setting up the grand finale.

And the ladies certainly didn’t disappoint as they went hell for leather, giving it their all, searching for a memorable victory. But who won?

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