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Competitive Sisters War - Ina Black vs Lidiya

The legendary Ina Black has taken on and destroyed all comers in her illustrious and successful wrestling career.

But she faces an unexpected and serious challenge on the MWC mats - her little sister Lidiya.

The gorgeous blonde is back in London and determined to show her big sister that she can take on and beat her - much to Ina’s amusement, who merely dismisses her sibling as a ‘big dreamer’!

Determined to go at it, they soon decide that the time for trash talking has stopped and immediately engage in a phenomenal battle.

Lidiya can match her sister in terms of size and strength and certainly gives Ina a lot to think about as they fight across the mats trying to get the advantage over one another.

Ina has far more experience and is keen to make it count but she finds Lidiya is well up for the match and battles hard to give her sister plenty of problems.

It’s a hard fought, sweaty battle which sees them both dish out serious punishment including scissors, arm bars, pins, camel clutches and smothers.

The intensity ramps up as both wants to prove a point, leading to some serious animosity along the way and taking their sibling rivalry to a new level.

Submissions are hard to come by as both ladies are stubborn in their resistance to the attacks and work hard to fight out of some painful looking situations they find themselves in!

The tap outs that do come by are shared between the sisters and with the match nearing an end, it leads to a frenetic finale which sees both girls fighting hard to get the all important winning submission.

And when that comes, it is joy for one sister and the pain of defeat for the other. A phenomenal lengthy match between two big and powerful women!

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