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Nina dominates little Dave - rematch

You’d think that getting your butt kicked on the wrestling mats by a vastly superior grappler would be enough of a lesson.

But not only is Chicken Boy Dave back for another shot at trying to beat Nina, he insists on using the same “Little Mermaid” insults he threw at when they met on the MWC mats previously.

They might be in Monica’s Ring of Pain this time but there is sure as hell no change in Chicken Boy’s luck as Nina dismisses his taunts and gets straight to work on him once again.

It’s just a matter of seconds before Dave finds himself in a very familiar position - flat on his back with a gorgeous, stronger and more talented female wrestler on top of him, making him suffer badly.

Nina reminds him about what happened before but he didn’t really need anyone to jog his memory once she started applying some vicious moves and make him scream out in immense pain and anguish.

As well as being a great wrestler, Nina is also a keen and brilliant photographer and the live images she created here were ones of a man in immense suffering.

She made him scream and shout and, naturally, submit to an array of eye-waveringly painful moves such as head locks, grapevine pins, body scissors, arm bars and even by hoisting his puny body up on to her strong shoulders for an impromptu lift and carry session that ended with his head rammed into a turnbuckle!

The “Macho Man” slogan on Chicken Boy’s briefs were completely inappropriate as he was anything but at any point in this match.

Nina was devastatingly dominant while the only mercy for Chicken Boy came when he was left out at the very end!

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