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Gia the Giant lifts and carries Axel

Just one look at Gia the Giant’s incredible frame is enough to tell you that this Canadian amazon is powerful and strong.

But she relished the chance of showing everyone exactly how much power she possesses when she stepped on to the MWC mats with an obedient Axel there to be tested out on.

Axel knows there is nothing she can do to stop what is about to follow and Gia takes full advantage and starts hoisting the much smaller and lighter Axel around.

“The tiniest little thing, aren't you?” Gia cannot resist a bit of trash talking as she picks up Axel as if she is a baby and starts walking around the arena with her.

Gia is relentlessly cruel too, making Axel dizzy and fear being dropped on her head while the Giant swings her about and carries her in different ways.

It gets more embarrassing for Axel as Gia invites her to try to lift her up and, unsurprisingly, the small British babe is unable to do so despite some serious effort.

Gia has no such problem though and continues to demonstrate her serious strength in a number of ways.

Throughout, she gives Axel piggy backs - which the smaller girl understandably enjoys, balances her on her back, dangles her by her ankles, invites her to sit on her shoulders and be paraded around and is also carried in a fireman’s lift.

And if there had been any doubt about her power, Gia even balances Axel on her feet and presses her up and down as if she was working out in a gym!

It’s an impressive performance from the powerhouse that is Gia the Giant and Axel, or indeed any of us, are left in no doubt about just how strong she is.

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