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Stella dominates & destroys little Dave

MWC was pleased to welcome Stella on to our mats for the first time and Chicken Boy Dave was determined to give her a baptism of fire.

But, while she might be new to our venue, the little guy might not have done his homework properly as the buxom beauty has been kicking ass for some time now.

So, his declaration at the start that he reckoned he could have her in this fight might have been a tad premature!

Stella knew where it’s at though and dismissed his confidence with the appropriate level of sarcasm before getting to work on taking him down to the mats and schooling him in exactly what she can do.

Chicken Boy is soon in trouble and squirming around as Stella uses a headlock and her considerable assets to smother his face.

Not only can she wrestle, not only is she a sexy curvy lady but Stella also has the gift of the trash talk and Dave finds himself on the end of a verbal lashing as well as a physical one.

Try as he might, he can’t get any offensive moves together to make her worried and instead just keeps landing himself in an array of awkward and very painful positions.

Stella works him over with cross body pins, breast smothers, body scissors, head locks, grapevine pins and head scissors.

She is relentless as she makes him suffer all kinds of painful moves. His cries of pain demonstrate exactly how much he is suffering at her hands and the submissions fly thick and fast - as does her non-stop taunting and mocking. Dave is even forced to kiss her feet in the middle of the match!

He is left completely out cold by the end and Stella enjoys the first of what will probably be many victory poses at MWC!

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