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Ina Black vs Orsi - squash match

All the girls that step up and come on the MWC mats are as fearless and brave as they are skilful and Orsi certainly is no different.

But even she must have been wondering what she’d let herself in for as she agreed to take on the much bigger, legendary Ina Black in a squash match!

Ina is certainly surprised but to Orsi’s credit, she talks a good game and is certainly up for trying to give her imposing foe a run for her money.

However, it’s not long before Ina is laughing and taking control of her battling but overpowered smaller rival and the first submission comes with Ina crushing Orsi between those big, powerful legs.

Orsi is a feisty one though and comes straight back on the attack, trying her best to unsettle Ina and get on top. But the laughter keeps coming from the Bulgarian star who is ready and waiting for all Orsi gives her before returning with interest.

She gets on top and pins her for a very slow 10 count and you can see the frustration etched all over Orsi’s face.

Ina, on the other hand is loving it, and starts to toy with her fellow Eastern European - at one stage leg pressing her up and down in an impressive display of power.

She is more than just size and power though. Ina has immense wrestling skills which she isn’t shy about using!

These include scissors, Boston crabs, arm locks, figure four headlocks, and crushing head and body scissors that squeeze the spirit and energy out of Orsi.

Such is her domination, Ina even tries to help her opponent by donning a blindfold and wrestling her blind - and even this doesn’t hamper her! She pins Orsi, applies arm bars and headlocks.

By the end, Orsi is well and truly dominated and crushed by Ina and left squashed on the mats!

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