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Vox dominates & destroys little Dave - rematch

We’ve come to the conclusion that Chicken Boy Dave is like an addicted gambler - he is always sure the next one will give him a big win and so he keeps on taking a chance!

Despite being well and truly humbled by the exquisite Vox when they last met on the MWC mats, he is here again - this time in Monica’s Ring of Pain - to try to show her what he’s got.

Not sure where it’s coming from, but he clearly has confidence. But so does Vox after the mauling she handed him last time and it soon becomes abundantly clear that Chicken Boy is not going to upset the odds this time around either!

The gorgeous girl is soon dominating while the little boy is soon moaning and groaning in immense pain, totally lost and powerless to stop the beating Vox wants to hand him!