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Amrita dominates little Dave - rematch

Chicken Boy Dave is not a stupid man, by any stretch of the imagination. But Chicken Boy Dave is a man who makes stupid decisions sometimes.

Take this decision to agree to a rematch against the amazing Amrita who not only beat him when they first wrestled at MWC but absolutely wiped the mats with his little beaten up body!

Whoever advised him this was a good idea was clearly having fun at his expense but here he was - ready and willing to take on the Russian beauty, this time in Monica’s Ring of Pain.

Sure, he’s confident enough and even tells his opponent that this is “his ring”. But Amrita is having none of it and menacingly tells him that she hopes he will remember her face forever!

And within seconds of the contest beginning, it is clear that nothing has changed. She is still way too strong for him and demonstrates this with a guillotine before tying him up between the ropes and making him suffer immensely.

Dave is soon thrown to the canvas and Amrita gets to work on him properly with some devastating moves including a face sitting smother, figure four head lock, pins and head scissors that turn his poor face purple!

She is as dominant over him as she was last time and simply throws him all over the ring and picks him up with whatever move she fancies deploying at any given point.

Dave tries to mount a couple of attacks and genuinely thinks he is going to get some joy but Amrita just waits for the moment and then makes him suffer!

It’s another complete and utter annihilation and there is no doubt who is celebrating another dominating victory and who the loser is. We suspect Dave might avoid Amrita for a while after this one!

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