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Orsi B vs Hammerfist - Tickling match

Beauties Orsi B and Amethyst Hammerfist are both exceptional wrestlers with the moves in their repertoire that can make the strongest people submit to.

But if you take them out of their comfort zones then nothing is guaranteed and this was never truer than when we invited these two on to the MWC mats for a tickling/wrestle contest!

Suddenly, any favoured moves or particular skills were deemed redundant as the fingers and nails of both of them got to work to result in hilarious consequences.

It happened right from the start, in fact, as Hammerfist provoked loud and shrieking laughter out of Orsi B as a result of the tickling that the Eastern European was being subjected to.

But Orsi B has never been the sort of fighter to take anything lying down and she is soon turning the tables and letting her own fingers do the talking - prompting howls and tears-down-the-cheek hysterics from Hammerfist and anyone else in the vicinity!

Of course, there are plenty of great wrestling moves on display too but the name of the game is tickling and the need to hear the funny bone going off grows as the match wears on.

Both Orsi B and Hammerfist roll around on the mats looking to get their nails and fingers into the equation to cause hilarious pain to their rival.

After a while, it seems one of the girls gets on top and starts to punish her opponent with even more intense tickling.

But then the tables are turned and the other woman is having to put up with some funny but excruciating laughter while she is being tickled!

By the end though, there is a clear winner and the loser is subjected to an extended torturous punishment!

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