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Jet destroys & dominates little Dave

Pardon the pun but Jet is flying since she burst on to the wrestling scene a short while ago and she is keen to keep up those dizzy heights she has reached here!

“Chicken Boy” Dave always thinks he can bring people down to earth on the wrestling mats but the sheer size difference between the two is evident right from the start as they face off on the MWC mats.

Jet also seems to be licking her lips in anticipation at the cannon fodder that has been placed in front of her and, sure enough, she wastes little time in taking him down and starting her domination over him.

The taunts and insults don’t take long to appear as Jet dismissively mocks Dave as she proudly sits on top of him as she squirms underneath her.

She has a whole arsenal of weaponry at her disposal and Dave soon discovers that she really isn’t afraid to bring them all out and make him suffer.

Jet gets him in schoolgirl pins, face sits him, squeezes his tiny pea-head between her glorious and strong thighs and gets him in body scissor and headlock combinations.

In all fairness to the Chicken Boy, he speaks with a lot of bravado and confidence but Jet brushes that away and instead seems to lick her lips in anticipation of her next move!

“You’re my little toy!” Whether he likes it or not, Jet has Dave exactly where she wants him and she sure as hell forces him to know and acknowledge that!

His screams get louder and louder while the smile on Jet’s face gets wider and wider - there was only ever going to be one winner in this one and she certainly enjoys her victory pose!

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