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Ina Black vs Warrior Amazon

The immovable object v the irresistible force! Legendary Ina Black takes on the aptly named German powerhouse that is Warrior in this incredible tussle!

We knew this was going to be a classic as soon as they faced off against each other on the MWC mats, dressed in their wrestling one-pieces and tights and raring to pit their wits against one another.

They immediately went at one another in a frenetic battle with both determined to seize an advantage over the other as they rolled around the mats.

Ina has a weight advantage but Warrior is not intimidated by this and happy to use her own considerable strength and skill to trouble the Bulgarian.

It was edge-of-the-seat stuff as the fight pendulum swung one way and then the other until a leg scissor finally brought some joy for Ina.

But Warrior was not ever going to be put off by such a setback and the match continued on the same vein as it was going prior to the first submission. And if Ina had thought it was going to be different, she was given a rude awakening when Warrior trapped her in a figure four and made her submit to level the scores again!

It was game on and the ladies didn’t disappoint as they fought with everything they had. More submissions were earned with a body scissor/choke combination, breast smothers and headlocks.

Both ladies were covered in sweat, battling all over the place and you could see that they were having to give it their all in order to get any success with their moves.

The action never let up right to the very last second, with both earning submissions. But who won this memorable clash? Download to find out!

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