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Bianca totally destroys little Jonathan - rematch

While everyone at MWC admires the bravery of the guys that dare to take on our strong and skilled girls, there are times when we are left scratching our heads.

This is definitely one of those times as the ever-willing Jonathan decides it would be a good idea to try to get revenge on the Italian beauty Bianca following the devastating defeat she handed him when they last met.

The first time saw her destroy him on the mats but now Jonathan is clearly hoping that switching it to Monica’s Ring of Pain will bring him more joy.

Funnily enough, it doesn’t! Bianca shows off her impressive, delightful body before immediately continuing where she left off last time!

She sends him straight to the canvas and goes about tearing him apart with her brutal and remorseless wrestling skills.

Bianca is keen to get her powerful legs in action and they are soon crushing poor Jonathan’s ribs and making him tap out furiously and desperately.

She doesn’t discriminate either - she’s happy to use her legs on any part of his body and that includes a nasty headscissor that is accompanied by some serious trash talking and no-holds-barred insults!

Jonathan is being swamped by her attacks and doesn’t appear to have learned a thing from the first match on the mats and he really pays the price as Bianca just gets stronger and stronger.

She impressively uses the ring to her advantage to, most notably the figure four while she is sat on the top of a corner turnbuckle!

This is pure domination and probably even more so than the first time they met. It is no surprise to see Jonathan out cold and Bianca celebrating!

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