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Ina Black vs Natasha - Squash Match

It takes a lot of guts for anyone to step up and face the legendary Ina Black in a match on the MWC mats.

But while we might lavish them with praise, the Bulgarian herself clearly thinks those who do face off against her are crazy. And that is certainly the view she holds of Natasha who is ready and waiting to fight her from the other side of the mats.

The reality, however, is that Ina Black has been in this position many times before when she has faced young, strong and talented upstarts wanting to have a major scalp on their records so they can brag forever.

Ina is no mood to hand out presents or be beaten by a gorgeous and powerful but ultimately less experienced and nowhere near as strong a girl in the shape of amazing Natasha.

And, sure enough, Ina quickly takes control and start exerting her imposing dominance over the younger and smaller rival she finds in front of her.

Ina starts going through her full repertoire - arm bars, body scissors, head scissors, breast smothers, pins, head locks, figure four locks. All of them effective and capable of making the strongest of ladies tap out.

Natasha is clearly in over her head and she struggles to keep afloat once she is overboard. All we hear of her is her moans and groans and cries of outright pain.

Throughout Natasha’s agony, Ina continues to laugh and mock her foe for even daring to step up to face her.

This is an incredibly emphatic performance, even by Ina Black’s fantastically high standards and demonstrates exactly why she is seen as a legend in the scene.

By the end of this one, even a beaten and battered Natasha now understands why Ina is held in such high regard!

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