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Vox dominates & destroys little Dave

Relative newcomer Vox delighted everyone when she made an appearance at Monica’s mixed wrestling party in March.

But her newbie status means people like Chicken Boy Dave are always going to fancy their chances in a bout against the stunner on the MWC mats.

And he is clearly confident and is straight on the front foot with the trash talk. Sadly for him, however, Vox is straight on the front foot with the actual wrestling and takes him down to the mats to give him a first-hand insight into what she is capable of.

Chicken Boy tells her she has lots to learn but we think she has already had a good education as she makes him tap out through a perfectly executed body scissor.

It is quite clear that the beautiful Vox is not a complete novice and she attempts an array of moves that puny little men like Dave can only dream of knowing how to do!

When he does escape her attempted moves, Vox isn’t phased and just keeps coming at him over and over, putting him in trouble again and again.

She gets him in figure four locks, choke holds, body scissor and head lock combinations, smothers, a whole variety of pins and even more head scissors.

Chicken Boy certainly does his best to get her in trouble. But his best really is nowhere near good enough - one body scissor by him just prompting loud laughs from his beautiful foe!

Things just continue to get worse for Chicken Boy who finds himself in an array of nasty-looking holds and painful positions until he is finally left out cold.

Vox clearly wanted to make a statement and the one she made was very loud indeed - even more so than Dave’s screams of pain!

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