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Pippa L’Vinn destroys McKenzie

Gorgeous blonde McKenzie has made a real splash in her short wrestling career, but she had her work cut out on the MWC mats when she faced off against the bona fide legend that is Pippa L’Vinn!

Dressed in their one pieces and wrestling boots, both incredible ladies looked the part but we were itching to find out what would happen once they let their wrestling ability do the talking.

Pippa has seen it all and done it all and her experience was proving vital from the start as she tricked McKenzie into a test of strength that soon saw the blonde on the mats and in trouble.

In no time at all, the Manchester mama was squeezing the life out of her younger foe and making her wince and cry out in pain.

Pippa doesn’t stand on ceremony ever and she was working her way through her immense repertoire - much to the unfortunate suffering of the young McKenzie.

The blonde was in real trouble and things were not helped by Pippa’s vicious running commentary that she provided throughout her attacks. You could see, hear and even feel the discomfort McKenzie was in!

Pippa unleashed it all - leg locks, body scissors, head locks, arm bars, ankle locks to name but a few as she really tortured McKenzie.

The submissions kept on coming for the legend while the young pretender was being made to suffer more and more pain as Pippa’s thirst for success just wouldn’t be quenched!

The only merciful thing for McKenzie is this suffering didn’t last as long as it could have done. But that is scant consolation when you have been made to “feel the burn” from the start right through to the very end!

McKenzie is completely destroyed by the end of this and, to make matters worse for her, Pippa even threatens to return for more!

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