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Uzi dominates Dave

She might have the name of a gun, but beautiful German blonde Uzi’s weapons of choice come from her incredible wrestling ability.

That was certainly what little Dave found out when he squared up to her on the MWC mats for this contest.

From his pained groans and the submission which didn’t take too long to arrive, it’s fair to say her leg scissor and head lock combination are a particularly potent weapon!

To his credit, Dave does try to resist her for as long as he can but when Uzi gets those legs working again - this time in a vicious figure four headlock -

The destruction continues as Uzi takes him apart using all her arsenal, including choking him out with her shin, punching him in the belly, pinning him and almost squashing his head between those extremely powerful legs.

She wears a smile on her face as she makes him suffer - one particularly impressive moment being when she bends him up in ways men are just not supposed to bend!

Again though, we have to give him credit for displaying some of his fighting qualities when he tries to resist tapping out and even tries to attack in the hope of getting submissions in his favour.

But it’s a forlorn hope as Uzi is not in a charitable mood and is determined to put him through the ringer more than she already has.

And the submissions keep coming, as do the kicks and punches for added flavour, and Uzi really exerts her authority over the increasingly battered little man.

The end is as brutal as the match has been for Dave as Uzi expertly chokes him out using her shin to crush him into the mats.

Uzi celebrates a job well done by straddling him and flashing a well deserved victory pose and glorious smile!

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