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Ina Black v Jet - Squash Match

British beauty Jet is a strong girl and has already been making quite a name for herself in the short time she has been in the scene.

But she has never faced anyone quite like the legendary Ina Black! But, despite Ina’s intimidatory presence on the MWC mats, Jet is full of confidence in her strength and ability to cause an upset and defeat her mighty foe.

Ina finds all this hilarious though and she makes her feelings known immediately to Jet and the fight is very much on!

And it isn’t long before Jet is given an up close and very personal lesson into just how strong and brutal a woman of the calibre of Ina really is.

Ina takes Jet down and immediately gets on top and you can sense the panic setting in for the English rose as it dawns on her what exactly she is up against.

The Bulgarian takes no prisoners and soon has Jet pinned and helpless beneath her. A first submission isn’t long in coming and it unsurprisingly isn’t the last.

Ina really works the cocky and confident Jet over. She deploys arm bars, pins, head scissors, figure four locks, head locks, body scissors - all of which earn Ina her sought after submissions.

There is no doubting Jet’s heart or desire but that can only get you so far. And when you come up against a rampant and hungry for submissions woman in the imposing form of Ina Black, it won’t help you at all!

All Jet can do about it is scream and moan and complain and groan at the pain she is being subjected to.

By the end of this match, Jet discovers that talk is cheap and that girls like Ina Black are never, ever, to be under-estimated!

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