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Bianca Blance totally destroys little Jonathan

Jonathan is always ready and willing to take on any challenges when he steps on to the MWC mats and this time is no different.

But he soon discovers he has bitten off far more than he can chew in the delectable shape of the exquisite Italian Bianca!

She wastes little time in grabbing hold of the little guy and taking him straight down to the mats where she can really show off her vast array of skills and her impressive strength.

Bianca has a look of determination on her face and it is apparent right from the start that this girl is not one for showing mercy when confronted by men who have dared to challenge her in the wrestling arena.

Jonathan is left wincing and squealing as she takes him on a painful ride - catching him in body scissors, head scissors, figure four locks, schoolgirl pins and choke holds.

Naturally, the submissions keep coming as Jonathan screams and shouts in sheer agony from this European beauty’s relentless assault.

And her trash talk is as good as her wrestling too and as she taunts him, teases him, mocks him and sneers at him for being unable to put up any kind of respectable fight to at least give her a challenge.

He is clearly suffering and Bianca is loving every second of it, especially as his howls of pain get louder and louder the more she attacks.

This is really impressive stuff from the Italian and Jonathan really has no answer to the ass-kicking that she is dishing out to him.

“You are such a loser”, she taunts him with as she brutally finishes him off once and for all!

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