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Ashley Rider vs Sheena

Scottish star Ashley Rider is one tough chick but she probably knew she faced a hell of a challenge up against the powerful and super skilled Sheena.

The Glaswegian never backs down from a fight though and we knew she would fight hard when we put the two together.

The blonde beauties immediately locked up and it was clear their contrasting wrestling styles would make this an intriguing contest.

Sheena was quick to get on top and keen to use her speed of thought and immense ability to keep Ashley on the defensive and eventually she managed to make the breakthrough with a choke hold that Ashley had no choice but to tap out to.

Like we said though, Ashley is no shrinking violet and Sheena soon got a taste of the power the Scottish lass possesses when she trapped her in a leg scissor!

There was no doubting that Sheena - who has made a huge impact on the scene - was the superior grappler here but Ashley’s spirit and strength kept her well in the contest and continued to frustrate her opponent who would have made lesser opponents tap far more regularly than Ashley was ever going to!

There was a lot of high quality and impressive wrestling on show from both of them with scissors, leg locks, head locks, arm bars and bear hugs all on display.

While it was wrestled in a great spirit, you can see that both Ashley and Sheena wanted this and their expressions demonstrated their desire to win.

Both girls were red faced and sweaty by the end having put their absolute all into everything and while there was a clear winner, she also knew she had been in a hellacious contest - something they both acknowledged at the end!

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