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Amrita dominates little Dave

It’s ironic that Dave’s nickname is “Chicken Boy” as he is always brave enough to step up on the MWC mats and take on the bevy of badass beauties that come to the centre.

But the problem for the little warrior is that he never ruffles any feathers during these matches he keeps lining up for!

Amrita is another incredibly tough and awesome opponent who, from the very start, looked as if she was ready to conduct the business of kicking his butt all over Monica’s venue!

The gorgeous Russian looks amazing too with her buff body and Chicken Boy soon finds out that she has the power and talent to match too.

Amrita overpowers him right from the start and a strained “God, you’re strong!” as he is trapped in a grapevine sums it up. As does the submission that quickly follows.

Things get no better for the little guy as she flexes her muscles even more and hits him with an array of perfectly executed wrestling moves.

A head scissor almost crushes his little head, a choke hold almost makes him pass out, an arm lock almost takes his limb off and an evil ankle lock almost breaks his chicken leg.

Amrita is clearly enjoying herself as she teases him and urges him to show her what he has got. Despite his complaining and moaning, he really has little to offer in return!

Instead the mauling continues with pins, smothers, body scissors, arm locks, combination moves and a lot of squealing and shouting in agony from Dave.

If there is one thing we can give Chicken Boy credit for, it’s the fact that he managed to last more than two minutes against this wrestling machine!

Amrita’s schoolgirl pin/victory pose has him desperately admitting she is by far the strongest!

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