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Natasha totally destroys little Jonathan

Beautiful Natasha is a relative newcomer to MWC and Jonathan probably thought he’d have a great chance to show her what he’s made of and get a rare win under his belt.

Well, if he did, he thought wrong! Natasha is a business-like gorgeous talent and she has strength and skills in abundance.

This is certainly what Jonathan found out within seconds of this clash getting underway as Natasha quietly set about taking complete control over him before tearing him apart.

Jonathan was squealing as Natasha methodically got him in a vicious body scissor, showing no emotion to the obvious discomfort he was in. The first desperate submission came within a minute!

There is no let-up though and Natasha just keeps on working him over and over leaving Jonathan looking in severe pain and discomfort right from the start of the fight!

Jonathan is left gasping for air and feeling the full effects of what a talented, powerful wrestler can do when Natasha gets him in vicious head scissors, full body pins, more head scissors, head locks and school girl pins.

Natasha doesn’t say much but the brutal beating she is handing Jonathan certainly speaks volumes and the submissions and tap outs flow like water from a leaking tap.

There is no respite for Jonathan from the full force of Natasha’s attacks as no sooner has he tapped out and been released, she traps him in something else before he can get his breath back.

By the end of the match, Jonathan is completely beaten and battered on the mats while a very satisfied-looking Natasha celebrates her dominating victory

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