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Ina Black v Bianca - Squash Match

The legendary Ina Black is always after fresh new victims and she was absolutely delighted to have found one in the form of Italian Bianca.

An East v West Europe clash, Ina was clearly confident at the start with her taunts and even asking her gorgeous foe what she was doing there.

But despite the obvious size difference, Bianca is confident and proudly proclaims that she wants to beat her illustrious opponent.

Sadly, that’s as good as it got for the exquisite Italian as Ina is straight on the attack and immediately hoists her up on her powerful shoulders and parades around the MWC matted area.

And it doesn’t get any better - Ina starts deploying all the skills and all the immense power that has made her one of the greatest forces in the session wrestling scene for so many years.

Bianca complains and tries her best to escape but she is no match for the relentless powerhouse who just wants to put this young upstart in her place.

Ina starts crushing Bianca as soon as she gets on top - while laughing and taunting her helpless foe who is trapped between her.

It really doesn’t take long for all the submissions to start flowing. Ina makes Bianca tap out through head and body scissors, choke holds, a variety of inventive and impressive pins and arm bars.

As the match develops, Bianca’s screams of pain and frustration get louder and louder while Ina enjoys herself more and more.

Bianca is a strong, talented wrestler but she simply is no match for the legend that is Ina Black and Ina is determined to teach her a lesson she will never forget.

It ends with a brutal display of Ina’s power and a beaten and broken Bianca on the mats!

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