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Viper dominates & destroys Dave - rematch

When you are a weak male wrestler who was well and truly owned by an athlete of the calibre of Viper, it’s probably not advisable to begin the rematch by telling her she was “lucky” last time around!

Because it is only likely to spur her on to show just how unlucky he is to find himself in the ring with her again!

And the beautiful blonde IMAX star certainly flies out of the traps and attacks him, ready to ram his taunts back down his throat.

She wants to get a large number of taps out of him and the first one comes within a minute when she locks on a reverse head scissor that looks as painful as it must have felt for Dave!

To his credit, he certainly tries his best to fight back but his efforts merely provoke laughter and mocking from the Aussie athlete and just allows her to take back control and attack.

Viper makes him suffer through body scissors, head scissors, pins, figure four locks and grapevine pins.

Viper is well and truly enjoying herself - especially during those times he actually tries to attack himself. He is subjected to her taunts and trash talk pretty much through the whole match!

Dave is getting increasingly red in the face through a combination of sweat, being squeezed and more than a little humiliation as his big rematch chance is not just slipping away but being ripped from his grasp by a smiling but venomous Viper!

Her march to victory is glorious as she piles on the pressure with headlock and body scissor combinations, schoolgirl pins, standing head scissors and a range of other moves that provoke ear splitting screams of submission.

Viper of course celebrates as a victor and Dave is left pretty much out for the count on the ring floor. We wonder how ‘lucky’ he felt Viper got this time!

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