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Ina Black vs Ivy Squash Match

Ivy is a strong, extremely talented and gorgeous wrestler who has built up an impressive reputation on the scene for her sterling performances against men and women.

But she most certainly had her work cut out when she faced off against the legendary Ina Black on the MWC mats.

Ina was confident and had words of warning for her foe as they squared up to one another, telling Ivy that many women have fallen to her, not just because of her size but also her skills.

Confident Ivy did not seem phased at all though and instead seemed to have all the confidence in her own ability, making us all excited at the prospect of these two clashing.

That confidence took an immediate blow though as Ina grabbed her and expertly hip tossed her to the mats and got on top with a grapevine which, quick as a flash turned into a body scissor.

Ivy was shocked and struggling to establish herself as Ina seemed determined to show her the full repertoire she has in the locker - including arms bars, schoolgirl pins, scissors and even Boston crabs.

It is fair to say that Ivy is rarely dominated and rag dolled around as she is by her formidable opponent here.

Her trash talk remains strong though as she insults Ina and constantly complains about the situation she finds herself in.

Ina is not bothered though and she continues to “show off” (as Ivy accuses her of doing!) and dominating her beautiful but beaten rival. Ivy’s mood isn’t helped by the constant taunts and mockery that Ina throws her way.

This is pure domination by the Hungarian powerhouse and Ivy suffers from start to finish before being left out cold. Ina of course celebrates her emphatic victory in style!

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