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Terra Mizu dominates & destroys little Dave

Despite his track record of consistent defeats on the MWC mats, “Chicken Boy” Dave sure has a lot of confidence in his ability and power whenever he steps up to fight.

And this time, he even lets his mouth run away with itself when he dismisses the beautiful and talented Terra Mizu as “another of those American girls”.

The taunts are music to her ears though - not that she needed any encouragement of course as she was ready to whup some ass. And whup some ass is exactly what she did!

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t take the bigger, stronger, more athletic and vastly superior skilled female wrestler to overpower her little male foe and take him down to the mats.

While she’s considering how many times she will make him tap, she also introduces him to her “really strong legs” - a weapon that Dave was obviously unaware of, so when she did put them to good use, he really felt the force.

A crushing figure four brings the first of many successes for our Trans-Atlantic beauty and you can see the joy etched all over her face and the pain crippling his!

Things don’t really get any better as the quick and resourceful Terra Mizu looks for fresh ways to inflict agony on him. Dave’s screams fill the studio and are only punctuated by some vicious trash talking.

Dave’s attempts at attacks only serve to amuse her and make her laugh in his face. In contrast, Dave is forced to tap out to scissors, head locks, pins, face sits and breast smothers which soon have him begging for mercy.

It’s a brutal destruction from start to finish and Terra Mizu certainly enjoys putting him to sleep and victoriously posing over his prone body at the end!

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