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Mixed Wrestling Party March 2019

There are so many people in the session wrestling community who love to party hard when they get the opportunity.

So what better way for them to get into the party spirit on a Wednesday night in March than to go to one of the now legendary Monica’s Wrestling Centre events?!

A plethora of some of the most gorgeous and talented girls on the scene coming together for an evening of fun, frolics and some excellent mixed fighting. There really is no other event like it in the scene!

While it’s always good to see all the insatiable boys at these events, it really is all about the beautiful babes who produce magic every single time they take part.

The line-up at this event once again read like a who’s who of the industry as they were introduced and paraded before the crowd.

In part one, the Referee called them out one by one - the first one of course being the main girl herself: Monica!

After that, cheers greeted Nina Hiss, Siren Max, Orsi B, London, Vox, Viper Max, Kat Max, Xena, Selena, Amrita, Princess Nikki, Axel, Jade (and her bump!) and the legendary Ina Black! Things got even hotter later on when Laken arrived to join in with all the fun.

And, of course, once they came out the Referee led them into an energetic, fantastically fun work out to get the girls in the best possible shape for the wrestling that awaited them! They were then sent out on their merry way to find a man and sit on them - the party had well and truly started!

A spa break, chocolates and bottles of booze were the prizes greeting the winner of the now essential part of the whole night - Jonathan’s challenge in which our brave hero takes on all the girls one by one who could make him submit to arm locks!

Unlike previous challenges, this one had a twist and it’s exciting to watch the girls do their stuff!

Throughout the night, there were tremendous one on one battles going on between the tough girls and the hapless men who, although very willing, were finding out that the party spirit hadn’t dampened the ladies’ enthusiasm for kicking butt!

Battles were going on in the ring and on the mats all over the venue - in any nook or cranny that people could find space to wrestle in!

Of course, the real attraction at these parties are the fun and games which are loved equally by the girls and guys.

But then, who wouldn’t enjoy a game of musical face sit chairs in which a sexy ass is planted on the luckiest guys’ faces?!

And the scissor circle in which we see exactly how much incredible power is contained in the thighs of these athletes is also a must at these events!

The music is pumping throughout the night and the atmosphere is electric and warm as everyone just kicks back and has the time of their wrestling lives once again.

If you weren’t there, then you missed out. But we captured the action and the spirit of this awesome event across these fabulous clips!

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