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Female Wrestling March 2019 Live Event Report

Wow! Just when we thought the Monica’s Wrestling Centre live events have reached their ultimate peak with the 2018 shows, the first one of 2019 comes along and blows that theory apart!

Ten fabulous and incredible talents from across Britain and Europe taking each other in some of the best and most exciting matches you are ever going to see.

We had the hugely popular fan favourites and English roses Jade and Inferno who are always value for money and never fail to produce.

The IMAX beauties of Viper and Kat made sure the emerald isle had exquisite representation while we had another welcome appearance of gorgeous Axel. Eastern European best buddies Orsi B and Princess Nikki also strutted their stuff and it was a huge MWC show welcome for debutants Natasha, Jet and Bianca!

Jade had also brought along a rather very special visitor - her unborn baby! MWC shows are so essential that even pregnancy cannot stop some of these girls from wanting to take part.

While we are seeing the weather outside start to improve, the temperatures in the ring were scorching hot as the ladies set fire to it with their outstanding ability.

You could sense that the crowd were getting increasingly excited and thrilled with each passing second of every single match. So many hard-fought contests resulted in some nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat dramas that we always love to see - but all done in the right way and with plenty of smiles on the wrestlers’ faces!

The first show of the year sets the tone and standard for the session wrestling year ahead and, if this show is anything to go by, 2019 is going to be one hell of a delight.

Anyone who missed this show will be kicking themselves but salvation is at hand in the form of these awesome clips and DVD which will help you enjoy or relive the incredible memories made that day in our ring.

Jade v Natasha

There is always a lot of pressure on the ladies who are taking part in the first match of a Monica’s Wrestling centre show but if these two beauties were nervous, they did a great job in hiding it!

MWC fan favourite Jade kicked off proceedings by taking on an equally gorgeous girl making her first appearance at one of my events - Natasha.

It’s not unusual for Jade to bring along many of her followers with her but an extra special person had come along with her to this event in the shape of her unborn baby!

That small matter wasn’t going to stop her doing what she does best though and with the Referee setting a few special, safety rules for the match - these two were ready to rock.

And rock they did as they engaged in an exciting and enthralling contest.

They locked up and it became immediately obvious that both have them have comparable strength, resulting in them battling all over the ring. Both were looking for a breakthrough but ending up cancelling each other out, making it a real edge of the seat first round.

The action continued in the same vein in the second round and each time one of the girl got into a strong attacking position, the other would battle out using skill and strength.

Such was the intensity and outstanding quality, it was easy to forget that Jade was actually pregnant!

The all-important first submission finally came with one of the combatants face-sitting the other into tapping out! Suddenly, it felt like the points were now flowing like buses when a second submission came quickly afterwards.

By the end, there was a clear winner but did the newbie upset the fan favourite or did Jade and her bump emerge victorious? Download to find out!

Axel v Viper

This bout had all of us at MWC licking our lips in anticipation as soon as we decided to pit these two beauties against one another.

A match of contrasting looks and style saw IMAX’s awesome Aussie Viper take on the emerging home-grown talent that is beautiful Axel.

Blonde v brunette, tall v short, this one was going to be spicy. And things got even hotter when Axel dropped some quality trash talking after Viper decided they should start the match on their knees!

But actions speak louder than words and, boy, can these two ladies fight! The moans and groans of pain were being heard loud right from the start and after some intense battling, it was Axel who got first take, so to speak, with a devastating grapevine pin!

Someone of the talent and strength of Viper was never going to take that lying down though and she soon levelled the match with a painful looking body scissor!

The scene and momentum of the match was now set and they were soon rolling around the ring trying to secure an advantage over one another.

Action swung one way and then the other and it was only after an incredibly intense battle did we get another submission in the form of a chokehold executed perfectly by Axel.

The time and the rounds were zipping by! And the action got even hotter once Viper used those powerful long legs to devastating effect to level the match.

The match was being wrestled in a great spirit but make no mistake - both of these ladies were desperate to win!

They were giving everything and the fifth submission finally came in the form of a leg scissor and choke hold combination.

There were a couple more submissions which gave one of these warriors a slender win. Download to discover who was celebrating!

Jet v Inferno

The third contest of the March 2019 MWC was another one of those classic fan favourite versus show first timer contests that are always exciting and mouth-watering.

In this case, we saw the welcome return of the ravishing redhead that is Inferno take on gorgeous Jet Star who is certainly taking off within the session wrestling scene!

And although Jet might be a newbie - especially compared to her opponent - she certainly let Inferno know that she was a strong girl who was there to fight!

They got to grips with one another straight away and were soon battling all over the ring. And it was Jet who had lift off when she forced Inferno to submit with a rather painful looking choke hold!

Despite this impressive start though, Jet was up against one hell of a flexible and resourceful talent and Inferno was back on level terms with a rather impressive head scissor.

Both girls were clearly having fun making each other suffer in an energetic bout that was being contested in a fabulous spirit and the crowd were clearly loving every second.

The second round picked up right where the first round left off and it was clear that neither girl was going to slow down in their pursuit of victory.

A third submission came with an eye-watering body scissor in favour of Jet but she had no real time to enjoy her lead as Inferno returned the favour to level the scores up again!

The fast-paced action didn’t relent and the impressive performances from both ladies just got better and better.

The submissions keep coming too. But the question is did one girl emerge the winner or did they stay level right to the very end? All we can say is we’re glad the referee was there to keep count!

Bianca v Orsi B

Eastern Europe met Western Europe in the fourth match of the MWC March event and boy was it an incredible cracker of a match!

Orsi B is always welcome in our ring and she was looking as strong and beautiful as ever as she faced off against the exquisite Italian Bianca - another of the show debutants!

Now, Bianca looks the part and is a strong and skilled wrestler but it was a baptism of fire pitting her against the phenomenal talent that is Orsi B!

And after some intense early exchanges, Bianca was given a stark reminder of what she was up against when Orsi B trapped her in a vicious choke hold and body scissor combination to claim the first submission of the fight!

All credit to Bianca though as she was clearly not fazed by that and came straight out to attack her rival. Orsi B was ready for her though and what ensured was an even more dramatic and tense scrap as they fought all over the ring desperately trying to earn a hard fought submission.

It was an absorbing fight as both ladies put their heart and soul into trying to make the other submit to their power and talent.

There was no let up as they moved into round two with both Orsi B and Bianca seemingly hell-bent on fighting their way to victory.

And Bianca’s resilience and efforts paid off when she finally got Orsi B to tap with a body scissor and head lock combination!

The action just got hotter and hotter and the intensity levels shot through the roof with more submissions coming through an array of moves including an arm bar, body scissor and choke combination as the pendulum swung back and forth.

But who came out on top? Download this corker of a fight to find out.

Nikki v Kat Max

With Axel having to leave the MWC March event early, we were extremely fortunate to have Kat Max on hand to fill in for a match.

And boy did that give us the unexpected pleasure of a classic match between two very different girls!

The sexy Irish powerhouse was paired off against Easter European beauty ‘Princess Nikki’ and these two sure as hell provided some fun and fireworks in the ring.

As she was giving up a significant size advantage to Kat, Nikki knew she would need to rely on her speed but even her sharp and quick style didn’t always protect her from the Max Girls powerful scissors.

But Nikki is a strong, resilient girl and she kept on fighting and this resulted in a pulsating and extremely thrilling opening round where the advantaged seemed to pass from fighter to fighter with each passing minute.

Something had to give though and it was Kat who eventually wore Nikki down with a body scissor and rear bear hug combination to get the first submission.

Unperturbed, Nikki kept on coming and flew at Kat who had to keep on her toes to keep the “limpet” at bay! But Nikki would not be denied and a real devastating head lock gave Kat no choice but to submit and level up the scores.

The pattern of the match was set and, while the contest was fought in a fabulous spirit, you could tell it meant a hell of a lot to both to try to get the coveted victory.

Submissions were hard fought and well earned (or reluctantly given) with both ladies enjoying their moments of success.

By the end of play though, there was one winner but it took an almighty effort after one hell of a thrilling contest.

Viper v Jet

Both these two exciting beauties had impressed in their first matches at the MWC March 2019 event so we were expecting fireworks when they clashed with each other!

And we weren’t disappointed as Aussie spitfire Viper and England’s soaring Jet kicked off the second half of the show in fine style.

They clearly wanted to best each other right from the start as the finger pointing and pre-fight trash talk spiced things up very nicely.

But these two gorgeous girls clearly prefer to let their wrestling do most of the talking and it didn’t take them long to get to grips with each other and start battling for supremacy.

They clearly both have a lot of strength and power - another fine match pairing by Monica! - and they were clearly both keen to impose themselves.

And it was Jet who struck first after the intense early part of the bout when she trapped blonde Viper in between those crushing pins to make her tap.

But you can’t keep a tough Aussie down for long and Viper was soon back like a boomerang to get a submission through a body scissors of her own! This was still only the first round and we were already breathless!

And it got even better and the submissions kept coming. When one girl had the other in a body scissor and looked to be on her way to a submission, she found herself tapping out to a skilful armbar!

There were triangles, body scissors, face sits, a lot of rolling around and loads of moans and groans as both Jet and Viper gave it their all in a hugely entertaining contest.

Eventually one girl ran out the clear winner but that doesn’t tell half the story of what was a brilliant and highly competitive wrestling match!

Bianca v Natasha

Hot show newcomers Bianca and Natasha had impressed the crowd in their tough first matches at the MWC March 2019 event so we couldn’t resist pitting them together to see how they’d do against one another.

And they answered emphatically by putting on the sort of fabulous contest that our live events have been renowned for!

The beautiful brunettes wasted little time in locking up and getting to it and you could immediately sense that each of them wanted to win this match badly and as a result we were treated to some exceptional, skilful wrestling!

They were rolling around and battling across the ring so hard that the Referee often had to take evasive action to avoid being caught up in it!

Both tough, both skilful and both stubborn it was difficult to predict who would get the first submission, let alone win the match.

Each time one was on top, the other one would fight out and then the roles would reverse - it was gripping stuff.

Bianca and Natasha were sweating as they gave it their all and the intensity grew as the fight flashed by.

Eventually, a first submission came when Natasha trapped Bianca in the vicious choke hold that even the bold and brave Italian had to tap out of!

This did nothing to stop the flow and intensity of the battle however and, in fact, it seemed to motivate both the girls even more and the fight continued at an incredible level throughout.

And it came as no surprise when Bianca produced an impressive equaliser through a body crushing scissor to break Natasha’s resistance.

With it all the play for, these two went all out for victory and the final round was another joyful display of skilful wrestling. But did we get a winner or were they deadlocked to the end? Buy this awesome clip to find out!

Orsi B v Inferno

There are some matches at MWC live events that we just know are going to produce fireworks and go down long in memory.

And we are delighted that pairing Orsi B with Inferno lived up to our expectations and those of the crowd as these two beautiful and incredibly talented ladies produced a real classic in the penultimate contest of the March 2019 event.

Neither girl needs an introduced and we all know what skills and strengths they each possess and they delivered big time. They looked rather fabulous too!

They soon locked horns and were tangled up as they battled each other across the ring trying to secure an early advantage over the other.

It was wrestled in a fun and amazing spirit but what was also abundantly clear is that both Orsi B and Inferno were here to win.

And it was the Hungarian brunette who struck first with a body scissor and choke combination that made Inferno’s face turn redder than her hair!

The fiery English girl wasn’t perturbed though and she turned the tables on her opponent and earned an equaliser in no time with a bodyscissor.

They were matching each other for stubbornness as well as skills as neither would just give in easily when they were at the mercy of the other.

It was breaking stuff and the rounds were going way too quickly - this was one of those matches which could have gone on and on and no-one would have minded! And both Orsi B and Inferno seemed to be enjoying even more than we were!

There were breast smothers, head locks, arm bars, face sits and threats of biting throughout as both ladies lived up to their billing in fine style.

Alas, there has to be a winner and there was a delighted one at the end. But the truth is we all won watching this. Unmissable action!

Jade v Nikki

And at the end of a truly incredible and memorable show, we came to the final match of the MWC March 2019 event and, boy, did we end on an awesome high!

Pregnant English rose Jade taking on the exquisite eastern European delight that is Princess Nikki was always going to tick every box in terms of excitement, anticipation, skills and wrestling wonderment!

And we weren’t let down as both of these incredible beauties showed us exactly why they are so highly rated by session wrestling customers and their fellow female wrestlers!

There was an extra poignancy to this one as perennial MWC favourite Jade was wrestling what might be her last ever bout in Monica’s ring. Although, never under-estimate the boss’ powers of persuasion once the Essex babe has given birth!

But before anyone had the chance of getting misty-eyed, these two beauties got to grips with one another and started what turned out to be an enthralling bout between two outstanding talents.

Both Jade and Nikki battled hard for supremacy with neither allowing the other to settle easily and thwarting any attempts at getting the upper hand.

They were deadlocked going into round two but that didn’t stop their enthusiasm and insatiable desire for victory as they continued to fight at an intensity that you’d expect from women of their ability.

But something had to give and it was Jade and her bump who achieved it with a vicious body scissor which left Nikki no choice but to tap out to!

Jade was defying the fact she was pregnant as she threatened to overwhelm her opponent, but Nikki is one tough cookie and she has never been one to bow down so easily!

The fight continued hard right to the end and you could tell the crowd were on the edge of their seats as they sat and watched intently.

Did Jade finish off in true winner’s style with or did Nikki come back for a share of the spoils? Download to find out what happened! If it is to be Jade’s last MWC event match, it’s a slice of history worth owning!

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