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Axel v Amethyst Hammerfist - tickling custom

Gorgeous little spitfire Axel has sure made an impression since bursting on the scene a few months ago, much to the delight of her already growing fan base.

So here at MWC we were delighted to be pitting her against another gorgeous little spitfire in the form of the popular Amethyst Hammerfist.

And to really throw the cat amongst the pigeons, these talented young wrestlers were given an added hurdle to overcome in their pursuit of victory - tickling!

Of course, neither girl was daunted by this prospect and both of these beauties expressed their supreme confidence as they faced off on our mats.

And it didn’t take long before the air was filled with their infectious giggling as their fingers went to work tickling each other as they wrestled all over the ground!

Amethyst was convinced Axel looked the tickling type but she could hardly talk as she was practically incapacitated whenever Axel found her sensitive spot. She might be less experienced, but Axel has proved to be a quick learner as Amethyst herself found out!

But likewise, Amethyst is no shrinking violet and she was quick to discover Axel’s areas of weakness.

The air was filled with tortured screams and agonised laughter as both ladies went all out to make the other suffer in battle.

Naturally, there was also plenty of skilful wrestling involved too - as you’d expect with such excellent talents!

We saw plenty of scissors, chokes and pins as Axel and Amethyst did their best to get the dominant position before unleashing the tickling torture.

When it looks like one has the advantage, the other turns the tables and it was difficult to predict the winner.

But eventually, there was a winner with one girl tickled way more than she could take. The delighted winner took full advantage and subjected her beaten foe to a serious post-match torture!

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