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Fire Destroys Little Dave - rematch

Now, we love Chicken Boy for the brave little soldier that he constantly proves himself to be when he turns up to fight some of the most strongest and gifted ladies in the scene.

But even all of us at MWC were scratching our heads this time around when he challenged Fire to a rematch, determined to avenge his emphatic defeat on the mats in “his ring” this time around.

Unsurprisingly, Fire is unimpressed and finds his bravado and cheek rather amusing!

She wastes little time in putting him in his place by lifting and carrying him into the corner and shoving him down there before getting to the serious business of making him suffer in her unforgiving hands. Well, we should say unforgiving legs as she crushes his head between them!

Things don't get any better for Chicken Boy as Fire continues to take him apart at will and with such ease that it’s hard to see her even breaking sweat from the little effort she has to put in.

He is subjected to grapevine pins, smothers and scissors with alarming regularity that leave him in incredible distress.

However, he stuns everyone of us - including himself probably - when he actually mounts an attack of his own. Getting a headlock and scissor combo on Fire!

Not that it lasts long of course. She laughs at him and turns the tables and continues the dismantle job that she started off doing!

The submissions flow like water from a tap and his cries and moans and groans fill the MWC ring and venue as Fire unleashes so many painful holds on his already battered body!

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