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Galya v Kimbra - Competitive

Bulgarian beauty Galya has the heart of a lioness - with some very handy skills to match - and she isn’t the sort to duck a challenge.

This time, she has the imposing and gorgeous figure of Kimbra in front of her who has a noticeable size and experience advantage over her.

But she isn’t deterred and throws herself into the contest with all the grit and desire we’ve come to expect following her many great performances at MWC live events.

Galya seems determined not to let Kimbra overwhelm her but despite her best efforts, it is the blonde Hungarian who traps her in a head crushing scissor to earn the first tap out.

Such is the ferocity of the battle, Kimbra has to make sure she isn’t spilling out of her rather nifty wrestling attire on more than one occasion.

The intensity of the match never lets up - a fabulous example being when Galya has Kimbra trapped in a headlock at the same time Kimbra has Galya caught in a head scissor!

Despite her best efforts, it seems as if Kimbra is going to overwhelm Galya after all as she earns a couple more submissions through scissors and a nasty looking triangle.

But, just as we’ve come to expect, Galya shows no signs of being perturbed or even worried about this and instead keeps coming back for more and more, like a true warrior of her calibre always would!

And her persistence, skill and fighting spirit is deservedly rewarded when she catches the Hungarian in a headlock and grapevine pin combination that forces a well-earned submission!

It is an uphill struggle for her though as Kimbra uses her vast array of skills and her considerable strength to keep the feisty Bulgarian at bay.

It’s a tremendous match though and both ladies are fighting hard right until the end when Monica calls time before declaring the winner!

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