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Ivy Demolishes Little Dave

Despite the many beat downs he has suffered at the hands of a number of talented ladies on the MWC mats and in the ring, brave Chicken Boy keeps coming back for more.

This time he dons his colourful fighting shorts to take on the masterful and beautiful wrestler that is Ivy in the ring!

She is well up for it and keen to see what the little warrior is able to do against her accomplished and incredible ability. The answer is: not a lot!

Within seconds of them locking up, Ivy is flinging in across the ring and on to the floor where she sets about her task of taking him apart with an array of silky wrestling skills to make him suffer and beg for mercy.

He is a proud little man, for sure, and doesn't like to tap out easily. But Ivy doesn’t care for his bride and soon has him struggling and submitting - starting off with a nifty little face sit.

Ivy isn’t in the mood to go easy on him though and keeps up the pressure, almost choking him out using her shin to devastating effect across his puny little neck.

Chicken Boy soon becomes nothing more than a toy for Ivy to throw around and beat up. Nothing seems to be off limit as she uses almost every inch of her body to cause him great suffering and pain!

She chokes him with her feet, gives him a stink face to keep quiet, subjects him to painful grapevine pins, almost breaks his arm in a bar and almost crushes his head in a devastating scissor!

He has no answer to her relentless onslaught and Ivy joined the long list who have inflicted pain on Chicken Boy. And boy does she enjoy it in the end!

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