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Eli v Orsi B - Competitive

We have put together many mouth-watering match-ups here at MWC over the year and this one comfortably slotted into that category!

On paper, the beautiful and incredibly talented Eastern Europeans Eli and Orsi B looked like a match made in heaven - and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

They both seemed well up for it to and wasted little time after the pre-match handshake to get to grips with one another and start the battle.

With them being so well matched, it’s no surprise that they were soon rolling around on the mats with the advantage shifting one way and then another.

Each time it looked as if one girl had the upper hand, her determined opponent would turn the tables and go on the attack instead - it was exciting stuff from the word ‘go’!

But it was Orsi B who got the all-important breakthrough with an arm bar that was so vicious, we were wincing more than Eli was as she tapped out.

Time and time again though, Eli has proved that she has a real fighting spirit and setbacks like this don’t hold her back for long. A vicious headlock soon levelled the scores, setting the rest of the fight up beautifully.

They might have the sweetest and prettiest smiles, but both Eli and Orsi B are ruthless on the mats and they kept on punishing each other with their killer moves.

What was most impressive was the strength and sheer will they showed to take some serious punishment from each other.

But more submissions did arrive as these two displayed the best of their ability to the max through arm bars, scissors, chokes and locks with the advantage swaying from each girl constantly!

It was a pulsating, hard-fought battle right to the end with one girl sneaking the win in a close encounter. Download to find out who!

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