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Fire Destroys Little Dave

Gorgeous Polish amazon Fire seems in the mood to burn someone real bad and poor little Chicken Boy just so happens to be in her way when they encounter each other on the MWC mats!

There is some history between them and the beautiful lady is hoping he has learned some new moves and improved somewhat to at least give her a bit of a challenge in this match.

As ever, Chicken Boy is keen to show he isn’t just there to make up the numbers or be cannon fodder for yet another powerful woman who he’s brave enough to take on.

But the thing is, saying you want to teach someone a lesson is easy. Actually, schooling them and putting them in their place is an altogether more difficult proposition altogether!

Chicken Boy does his best to exert his power and authority over Fire but it isn’t too long before the tanned fighter is on top making him suffer in an excruciatingly painful looking grapevine combined with a breast smother.

Despite his efforts, Fire makes him scream in pain even more by trapping him in between her python like legs before making him submit under her shapely bum with a face sit.

The scene is set and Fire starts to really enjoy herself by calling on her many moves to make him pay such as camel clutches, more scissors between those incredible legs, breath-taking breast smothers and remorseless smothers.

The joy on her face as she turns to the camera smiling (often with Chicken Boy squealing in pain) really tell the whole story.

As the match wears on, Chicken Boy’s belief that he can show Fire what he is made of at the start of the battle looks more and more ridiculous!

For her part, Fire makes him suffer and leaves him out cold at the end of this destruction!

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