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Ina Black vs Kimbra

Unsurprisingly, Hungarian hottie Kimbra proved to be a hit during a tour of England creating some magic on the mats and in the ring.

But we were particularly excited to see how the talented beauty would fair when she battled the legendary fellow Eastern European Ina Black.

All of us at MWC were certain it would be a fresh and interesting challenge for each of the two and as soon as they locked up, we were proved right!

Ina tries to execute a throw but Kimbra skilfully turns the tables and catches the Bulgarian between her long strong legs and starts applying pressure on her torso and her head.

After a titanic struggle, Ina battles her way free but she knows she is in for a match and that Kimbra is no pushover.

This continues with both ladies jostling for position and each finding themselves on the attack at different times.

It is fast paced and edge of the seat stuff as there determined talents fight hard to try to get one over each other.

The breakthrough finally arrives for Ina with a headlock and body scissor combination - again coming after one hell of a battle in which Kinbra simply did not want to tap out!

This doesn’t alter the pace of the fight and both Kimbra and Ina display their skills and talent to the maximum as the match continues. It really is hard not to admire their brilliance in this pulsating battle.

And Kimbra’s determination and perseverance is rewarded when she levels the scores with a vicious head scissor that leaves Ina no choice but to submit!

The respect between the exhausted fighters was strong and there are more submissions through arm bars and guillotines but did Kimbra upset the odds or did Ina finally secure the victory? Download to find out!

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