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Orsi B vs Kimbra

Two of Hungary’s brightest wrestling talents Orsi B and Kimbra have certainly made excellent names and reputations for themselves in live shows and events.

But we wanted to see how they would fare when they faced off against one another on the MWC mats.

We were expecting some high quality and exciting fighting and that is precisely what we got from the moment these two gorgeous ladies locked up!

They were soon rolling around the ring locked together with each trying to outdo the other in a battle of wits as much as power and ability.

Advantage switched from the blonde Kimbra to the brunette Orsi B until finally, a body scissor and head lock gave Kimbra a breakthrough first submission.

The pace and tempo of the fight didn’t slow down and they were both soon scrapping hard again trying to impose themselves in the match.

Orsi B showed that extra bit of determination though and managed to level the score with a nasty guillotine to force Kimbra into tapping out in desperation.

With the match set up nicely, the Hungarians continued to wrestle hard and inflict as much damage as possible on one another.

They gave it their all, trapping one another in an array of holds such as body scissor, head locks, pins, face sits, arm bars and head scissors.

The moans and groans filled the air as they put themselves through hell as they looked for a brilliant victory to go on their CV.

By the conclusion of the fight, however, one of the girls did manage to run out a convincing winner - although she was under no illusion that she had been in one heck of a battle!

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