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Lidiya destroys Dave - rematch

Bulgarian beauty Lidiya seems just as shocked as we are to find Dave has bravely decided to take part in a rematch against her!

Given the way she pulverised him in their first encounter, you’d have thought he’d have run a mile from any further matches with her. But to his credit, he is back at MWC and ready to rock in the ring.

His confidence, however, seems to galvanise Lidiya more than himself though as she flashes that winning smile and immediately sets about re-introducing Dave to her incredible skills.

And sure enough, he is tapping almost straight away as she takes him down and makes him squeal while caught in a grapevine pin.

Things don’t improve for Dave as Lidiya continues her destruction, not letting him rest up too much between submissions! When he protests this, Lidiya is quick to put him in his place.

His moans and groans fill the MWC arena as Lidiya uses her full weight to pin him, crushes him between those incredible legs or smothers him with her assets.

Lidiya is clearly enjoying herself, laughing and taunting him throughout. She also looks at inventive ways of making him suffer and uses all parts of the ring - including the ropes - to achieve her aims.

Dave, on the other hand, looks increasingly destroyed and must have been wondering whatever possessed him to want a rematch with a rampant Lidiya!

We thought her first encounter with him was dominant but this time she is even more ruthless as she really makes him suffer. Most worryingly for Dave and theory guys - it looks as if she has more in her locker too!

She tells him that he needs a lot more training and even Dave agrees that she is just way too strong for him.

Lidiya sends him to la la land and enjoys posing over his prone body to celebrate yet another dominant victory!

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