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Justice destroys Dave - Custom

Hell hath no fury like a female wrestler who’s had her phone stolen! And if you are guilty, you’d best have your story straight and convincing when you are quizzed.

Sadly, Dave isn’t as sharp as he needs to be when he is confronted by an angry Justice who is looking for blood!

He slips up and Justice is the judge, jury and executioner and - after finding him guilty - decides to personally dish out the punishment!

She is quick and grabs hold of Dave and takes him to the mats and starts to demand to know where he has hidden her phone. She’s not happy and face sits him to the point where he is almost out!

From there, she starts to give Dave a full demonstration in just how skilled she is at wrestling and making little men hurt.

Justice pins him, locks on arm bars, gets him in choke holds, face sits him again - all the while demanding to know where he is keeping her phone.

Every time he denies knowledge of where it is just feeds Justice’s anger and she attacks with more venom than the previous attack!

The place is soon filled with Dave’s cries of pain and his increasingly desperate pleas to Justice to stop and believe that he is innocent.

But she doesn’t believe him and continues to make him suffer as a consequence. At one point, she even leaves him to think about things but when she returns and he still insists he hasn’t got her phone, it merely provokes her to be even angrier and dishes out more punishment than before.

By the end of a truly one-sided pummelling, Dave finally agrees to come clean and tell Justice where he has hidden her phone. Justice is well and truly served!

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