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Viper vs McKenzie Custom Thai Boxing/wrestling match

These two blonde bombshells might now be IMAX team mates but there was no friendship here as MWC bought them together for an intriguing and mega hot contest!

Aussie Viper and London girl McKenzie are summoned to the ring by Monica the referee, who kits them out in their boxing gloves and explains the rules of the match - which is to be a Thai Boxing and wrestling battle.

Both girls are known for their wrestling prowess but their confident demeanour and expressions as they have their gloves put on suggest they are not concerned about stepping beyond those boundaries!

And their confidence is justified as they come flying out the blocks right from the first round, exchanging some solid jabs as they quickly get a feel for each other’s style.

McKenzie, in the blue gloves, is predominantly southpaw while the red-gloved Viper is a considered right hander.

Their ferocious boxing gives way to wrestling but the action is still non-stop as they battle hard on the mats trying to get the first point on the board.

And that finally arrives when a determined Viper pins her rival to go in the lead - much to McKenzie’s frustration!

But she’s a feisty girl and it isn’t long before its Viper’s turn to be the victim of a schoolgirl pin to level things up!

And there really is no let up as the beauties continue to pound away and fight hard on the mats with only the end of round bells stopping them!

There are more pins too as both Viper and McKenzie go hell for leather. You really expect the action to slow up at some point but their fitness and will to win prevents this!

But by the end after exchanging a few pins, there is a clear winner but the sweat and exhausted looks on both fighters’ faces shows they left absolutely everything they had in the ring!

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