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Kimbra Dominates & Destroys little Jonathan rematch

You’d have thought Jonathan had learned his lesson the first time he was brave enough to face Kimbra on the MWC mats.

But here he is, this time wanting to ‘strut his stuff’ in the MWC ring and try to get revenge on the girl who destroyed him without breaking sweat!

To give him his due, he certainly seems prepared and Kimbra even joins him in the ring while he is working out with a couple of dumbbells, ready to show his strength and exact his revenge over her.

And all is going extremely well…until the first seconds of the match when Kimbra just dismissively throws him to the canvas to set the tone for the rest of the contest.

In no time at all, Jonathan is reintroduced to this beautiful lady’s full talent as she taunts him while inflicting the worst possible pain he could imagine receiving in the ring.

She loves every second as she traps him in vice-like head scissors, pins him with relative ease and face sits him to the point where he can barely breathe! All the while laughing and teasing him as he cries and moans in pain but has nothing in his locker to stop the onslaught.

Kimbra also loves torturing him with her feet and also tickles him to the point of frustration and agony.

His shrieks of pain seem to be music to her ears and only serve as inspiration and encouragement for her to do far worse damage as the match progresses.

Jonathan can do nothing more than cry out or submit - his pre-match weight training not helping him in the slightest at the hands of this remorseless fighting machine.

It’s a complete and utter destruction, even more brutal than the first one and a well deserved victory for the incredible Kimbra.

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